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Shameless - Series 10 - Complete (DVD)

Shameless - Series 10 - Complete (DVD)
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18 - Suitable for 18 years and over
Spirit - Channel 4
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The unthinkable has happened - the Department of Work and Pensions have finally caught up with job dodger Frank. He finds himself in a nightmare fantasy on death row, he's a 'dead man walking' to... a job! Meanwhile fellow Chatsworth Buccaneers are up to their usual dodgy tricks. Shane and Jackson launch a bootleg booze scam
Avril uses her new job in a pharmacy to become the local supplier of prescription drugs
Aiden and Chesney get stuck with a live cow
a guilt-ridden Shane starts stalking the family of the man he's killed and desperate Gloria turns to Dom when she gets into trouble with a loan company. New relationships form and existing ones are tested as Marty pledges to rescue a Brazilian housemaid from her life of servitude, then plucks up the courage to propose to Kelly, only to find his big moment trumped by a letter from his kids in Spain. There's an alarming lack of action between the sheets for Billy and Mimi
the pressure's on for Letitia to lose her V plates, Gloria begins another scandalous affair and Avril and Jackson's relationship heads for the rocks. And it all climaxes in death, murder, incest and kidnapping - another day at the orifice for our Manc heroes.